Pre-Need Arrangements

family-men6More and more people today are finding that pre-arranging funeral services for themselves or a loved one makes sense. By pre-arranging, the numerous decisions regarding the funeral can be made in advance. This allows time for consideration of all details with a clear mind, free from the stress and confusion immediately following a death.

Certainly, there are more enjoyable ways to spend your time besides pre-planning a funeral. But ask yourself this question: If someone had to plan my funeral today, would they know how I want things done? Pre-planning in a stress-free, relaxed setting can undoubtedly save your loved ones from having to go through unnecessary duress following the death of a loved one.

There is no cost or obligation to discuss funeral pre-planning. We will be glad to meet with you at your residence or in the funeral home to answer any questions that your may have.

Pre-funding of the funeral expenses is an option that many families choose. By pre-funding, the funeral is paid for at today's cost and is guaranteed to not cost the family more in the future. Pre-funding is especially important if you or a loved one is facing Medicaid assistance to pay for long-term health care. Monies set aside for funeral expenses can be certified as irrevocable and therefore shielded from Medicaid spend down guidelines.

We offer many options for pre-funding funerals which we will be glad to explain. We can tailor pre-payment plans for any budget.